[done b6] Diskbrowser setting (songs/instruments etc..)

I’ve got a song , from which I am saving lot of recorded samples do disk,
now because disk browser became stuck with main window, it’s preferences are set with the global view preset
so when I press F1 it switches to “song” … this behaviour is understandable but can be quite annoying…
I think it would be good to be able to have independent setting for diskbrowser that will not be changed with global view (f1,f2 etc)
switches… until I realised what’s wrong, I kept saving song instead of samples , had to delete it all from disk and start over again

anyway I am quite unhappy with new diskbrowser overall, I stated it before… I don’t like the “other” option in it… atm if you want to save
DSP chain, you have to go into windows file system, and it’s unrenoise-like. I feel it should be part of Disk OP, alongside Songs,instruments,samples

  • I also suggest that you add “VSTi” into the same menu, so that you can add new instrument from this space the same way you do renoise instruments adding
    VSTi via right clicking favourites feels awkward. To go into instrument editor just to add a new vsti feels quite stupid too


I don’t get why we have an ‘other’ option while you can basically open any supported file type in every selected tab, with or without . button toggled.

I often save work in progress stuff, samples, xrni’s / xrns in a temp folder. When in the Songs tab, it don’t make sense imo to also show xrni’s or anything besides songs when I’m in that particular folder! The current lack of ability to filter a folders content on file-type means chaotic overview in folders with more than one supported file-type.


please add option to sort on file-type

To have another array of folder presets for the “other” type? The buttons have generally a purpose for saving, not loading.

please add option to sort on file-type

I never noticed this, but it does in fact filter the contents - albeit in a bit funny way.
Enabling the . will show all files, obviously. But when not, all the filetypes supported by Renoise are still included.

So, I agree it would be more intuitive if it worked in this way (when filtered):

Song - shows only xrns, rns files
Instr. - shows only xrnx, rni
Samples - shows only mp3, flac, wav etc.
Other - shows any supported files, as well as

  • xrnt (dsp chain)
  • xrdp (effect presets)
  • xrno (modulation)
  • xrnz (phrases)
  • xml (UI themes)

Of course, you could still press . to turn the filtering off

The buttons have generally a purpose for saving, not loading

Indeed, and perhaps this relationship could be reinforced by labelling the “Save” button into
“Save sample”, “Save Song / Render”, “Save Instr.” instead of just “Save”?

Expanding further on these ideas (and the fact that DSP chains currently cannot be saved through the built-in browser), here another way that the “Other” button could work


Yes, but the current categories files are always shown first: e.g. XRNS in “Song” are always shown first. And “other” types are slightly dimmed. So it does a “sort on file-type” already.

Instead of having to sort on name to get the category listed first, others dimmed (which doesn’t seem to work here, maybe because of my chosen theme + I have gui effects turned off in the preferences?), I rather have the others invisible when . button toggled off.

Regarding the disk browser, I have another question :

How can I display the date of my files? Seems to work depending on the length of the maximal filename within the folder, however this means if you have a very long filename the dates simply wont appear within the largest disk browser framesize. Has anyone else had this problem?

edit : mfw my forum account here is 12 years old.

I definitely think that this kind of metadata (including how many instruments it has etc.) could easily be shown in tooltips as well.

Another idea

btw, it might be cool to add meta data to instruments for filtering too, if somebody creates a new instrument for example, he could add tags
#Piano, #Steinway, #Multiinstrument or something like that for easy filtering - if this was supported by disk op, it would make it even more powerfull tool
same goes for songs #Dubstep #140bpm etc

Done that for the next beta. Indeed causing more confusing than being helpful.

I like the idea of unifying all the ‘loading/saving’ here. VSTi, VST, Presets, Samples, Songs, Chains etc… all under one roof.