[Done B7] Rendering Via Rightclick

could this:

please can set back to this:

i mean… it’s obvious that when I make a selection in a track… I want to have that part rendered…

What I mean is: take away the option “to render the track/column to sample” when notes of a track are selected…

good idea? :rolleyes:

Better idea: Use the keyboard shortcut instead. Fastest method there is :)

Default keys are:
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [R]

I vote for this, coz it was easyer before, in my opinion, then pressing 4 keys at once or trying to find it in very long menu chain…

You can customise the keyboard shortcut to be something else that’s more comfortable for you.

You could change it to [Ctrl] + [R] for example, or you could even map it to a single key.

You have the power!

while i agree the new menu structure has things a bit more tucked away then in the past, i must say i can appreciate how orderly the menus have become. i understand the point of view of the OP (and supporters) but i can only agree with dblue on the keyboard-shortcut-option. it is the fastest way to do this, it is already present in Renoise, and it is fully customizable. it doesn’t get any better than that.

I hardly use my keyboard.

I use my midi controller for transport functions…

I’m a midi controller+mouse-person.

It’s a simple fact that when I make a selection… OFCOURSE I want 2 have that part rendered. nothing else.

^ when i make a selection, i might want to copy it, move it, delete it, or render it to a wav. there are more people using Renoise than just you, and everyone has their different uses of stuff. so you can’t expect Renoise to think ‘hey, this version is registered to Roppenzo, and he’s making a selection, so he must want to render this stuff to wav, let’s do that!’ (although that would be a pretty neat trick).

i always said i wasn’t a people-person. after dealing with people some more, turns out i was wrong. you cannot just state you are a ‘mouse-person’ and therefore do away with a perfectly viable option of using the keyboard. maybe you need to become more of a keyboard-person. or maybe you just switch to using the keyboard for this one single task. surely using the keyboard for this is not as complicated or problematic as you make it out to be. i have a firm belief you can do it. you just need to start believing in yourself.

well we might aswell get rid of those 2 options too then right?

It’s really important, coz when you press RMB in 80% of cases you want to work with selection, so there has to be like:
Paste continuosly
Render to sample

It’s most logical way i think…

If we had conner_bw’s brilliant suggestion here Lua Macros we could make our own menu entry.

if you ask me, yes we could easily get rid of those 2 options too, as i will just use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for that. way faster. the reason they are there, instead of render to wav, must be because people copy and paste stuff way more often than they use render to wav after making a selection.

what about all those other options in the ‘Selection’ submenu? what if the next person will come on here and say ‘when i make a selection, i want to do nothing else but inverse it!’ or something like that. in the end you could end up with the entire ‘Selection’ submenu in the direct right-click menu, and it’d be too big for your screen.

my question is: when you want to make something easier, and you are supplied with a reasonable and easy suggestion, to which you respond with (in my own words) ‘thats just not the way i roll’… that makes it your problem.
if you still want to insist on having this feature implemented despite there being a good solution to your issue with the current implementation, you are of course completely free to do so. maybe more people will jump in saying they desperately need this feature, who knows.
for me personally this idea gets a -1 because the functionality is already there and it would indeed make more sense to me to remove the copy+paste stuff as well then to add the render to wav back in.

The grouping is nice and tidy and all but… Most used stuff should still be on the first menu.

You can do that with the current API, I think. I’m not 100% sure if the API gives access to this function, but if it does, this should be very easy.


I would also use the shortcut keys for this. The new context menu structure is nice and clean.

I guess I was wrong, I can’t find this function in the API documentation.

omg i thought first i was the onliest one who dislike the new hiding of render selection.

i agree.

maybe rather should be useful?

Completely agreed on this, it is a bad UX choice to hide commonly used items in submenus.

I was also frustrated to find that “Clear muted tracks” has been moved into a submenu. I understand it makes the context menus more organized, but these are really bad changes in terms of workflow.

Also, just noticed that the keyboard shortcut for render to sample does not show up on OS X. I guess that’s a bug?

Done two things for b7 as a compromise:

  • brought back the “render selection to sample” entry to the main menu, keeping the new ones where they are
  • made the default shortcut of “render selection to sample” “Control + Shift + R” by (applies to new installations only)

So mouse clicking and keyboard handling for render selection should be easier. Main reason for bringing it back to the main menu is that this feature is too good to be missed.