[done] Copy Dps-devices From Track To Another

How about copying DSP’s (or multiple of them by selecting them first) by dragging and dropping them from track to another?

I sort of missed this. On the other hand, it’s very quick and easy to save your dsp chain, and just load it again for another track.

You can copy the dsp chain and paste it without needing to save it actually (You can find this feature in the Advanced Edit), but if you want to do this between songs, yeah, you have to save the dsp chain first.
With NE you can open two Renoise sessions and copy and paste the DSP chain between the two Renoise Sessions.
Just mind that the MIDI devices will only be controlled by the first opened session though.

It’s also possible to copy/paste the DSP chain via Advanced Edit.

I know there’s workarounds, but copying single DSP units with same settings is not possible, neither is it possible to copy specified group of DSP’s. And all of the workarounds are sloooow and unintuitive, this would be a good improvement to usability.

I’ve often wanted those features myself so I hear you loud and clear. I’m sure they’ll appear at some point since we can’t be the only people who’ve ever thought about it.

thumbz up!

Sounds like another idea for Copycat, see here:

Wouldn’t it be cool to ‘clone’ one device from one track in the DSP chain, and paste it ‘interactivly/realtime’ to another with its same settings by using this meta device? Imagine, having an automated filter on one track and clone the same filter on to another. Try to think non-destructive :) I’d rather have a meta device doing this stuff like copying rather than copy/pasting the same data all over the place, so you change one source and all its clones act the same.

I rather drag and drop than open a meta device and tweak the settings before I’m ready to copy a single DSP to another single track. But no impossible implement it copycat to into at all.

Non-destructive has been always in my want-list, but still no possible! Why??!! Stupid just is that what or ain’t det?