[Done] Improve Signal Follower Attack/Release Slider


I suggest to increase the size of the Attack/Release sliders to normal size. Like those of min/max value.
IMO they are one of the most important parameters. Moreover, I’d like to edit numerical values directly.

That’s the same with the delay balance sliders. Very hard to handle.

Just a suggestion.

I must admit, one of the first things I tried was to double click on the parameter names there, thinking I’d be able to change them as usual, just like it’s possible to do for phase, cutoff, resonance, etc., in the chorus, flanger, and phaser devices.

i agree, this is a useful suggestion

yep, much needed. Same for the filter controls in the ‘input’ tab…give us a better clue of the values! Visual feedback like the graph in the filter dsp would make more sense imo.

EDIT: I know about the automation editor, but sometimes your tweaking dsp in the track dsps tab :)


yes! +1



Or, where’s the Photoshop mockups?

more control and consistency with the other native fx.

me +1 too

I had the same issue when working with it just now and came here to suggest this very thing. It’s very hard to get it “right” with the mouse and I had to sit for quite some time with the “slow” key to get it working the way I wanted.

Has anyone an idea how to do so without bloating up the GUI too much?

Looking at mp_reverb2, it’s still quite smallish in comparison :) I was looking over the filters, because I could swear I’d seen a “page-flip”-icon somewhere, but I guess I remember wrong. I was thinking something in the lines of consolidating the env/input stuff to its own “page”, then you could “flip” between the two. since it’s not like you tinker too much with the max/min/offset sliders while you tune the filter or set the attack/decay/sensitivity.

Been a proud registered user of Paintshop Pro for many years now :)

I personally don’t see a need for the separate Env/Input panels, especially since it’s now possible to minimise devices. Removing those buttons creates enough vertical room to have all the other controls in there comfortably.

Yes dblue, this is a good approach and it gives a better overview of all parameters in a glance !

b-complex’s seal of approval :o