[done] Improved Clipboard

Can you improve clipboard, so it would be possible to Copy track or block from one Renoise tracker and Paste its data to another track or block in other opened Renoise tracker?

I found this needed as [in my example]: somehow, Vanguard vst Arpregio effect delays its playing in latest version of my song, while in older versions - it plays normally [and in rhythm]?? [Maybe it is Renoise bug? as I couldnt find what causes delay, preset was the same in older song version and in newer where I cant synchronise sound]…

short answer, I doubt they’ll do this.

workaround: you have 4 clipboards to choose from (in case you didnt know already), so load up as much of the content as you can in these 4 slots then open up the file you want in the same instance of renoise and past the content. saves a bit of time switching back and forth if you do a couple of batch runs like this

I’ve mentioned something about this here on the board, to answer very shortly, what you doubt is already possible in NE.


excellent! tnx a lot! :)