[done] Make One Pattern From Many!

can’t wait to try this out in the next build!

hey [awesome] :D

will it be possible to split patterns into many as well?

maybe this is a bit too picky, but I asked myself what to do with the input patterns which have been merged.

since the merging can be destructive, in the sense that it modifies the first entry in the list, probably the other patterns should be erased and completely removed from the list, while as of now they still exist in the pattern list (not ibn the arranger of course).

00 <= selected
01 <= selected
02 <= selected



but what should 01 and 02 destiny be? I think they should be completely removed.

What should you do with the old patterns? I say keep them there, just like when you clone a pattern, because it’s not too difficult to just delete patterns.

Awesome feature!

But shouldn’t it be called “join” or “glue” rather than “merge”?
Merge indicates that it mixes/merges pattern columns somehow rather than concatenates the patterns.

Just a thought. Thanks for an awesome beta! :yeah:


It would make sense if it leaved the orginal pattern aswell even if you don’t use it elsewhere in the module. Either leave or delete all.

Guess you are right unempty, “Glue selection” is probably the best term.

Yeah, “join” or “glue” is better. Have changed it into “join” now.

We can not delete them completely without changing the pattern numbers of the following patterns - only unused patterns at the end can be deleted. Changing the pattern numbers in the whole song looks and feels wrong to me, when doing a simple small merge/join.

What we could do though is clearing the merged patterns - delete all notes/effects and automations. Should we?

this would be the most consistent behaviour, but nothing vital of course. I always use “delete unused patterns” when I’ve finished a song, which does the job.

Wait, this wont work, as the patterns might be used somewhere else in the sequence (outside of the to be joined range), so we can not even clear them.

If you have used parts out of a merged/glued sequence somewhere else in the arrangement, why would you want to delete them/ clear the notes of these patterns? There is probably a reason why you repeated the patterm elesewhere. I think the way it is now is perfect.

well of course I meant they should be erased if they are not used elsewhere. ok ok, ignore my picky note :)

What about auto-commenting the joined or splitted patterns?

For examples:

06 [06+07+08 joined]

or something like that?

For the splitted patterns:

03 [splitted from 02]

And maybe just commenting [joined] and [splitted] might be enough… Or maybe it’s not a good idea at all?

What we can split patterns now aswell?

So great, thx a lot, so useful for me!

Taktik you rocks!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I am at work at the moment, so I cant try this more… But I had a very quick go on this new feature this morning.

All I could get it to do was add one pattern the end of another pattern.

Is this all it does? I mean, it is cool that this has been implemented, but a proper merging feature was actually what I was after…

Sorry if I have misunderstood anything.

it can merge more than one pattern into a single one, including automations.

what should a pattern merge function do more?

Well this function just takes one pattern and bolts it on the end of another. That is not a merge…

I would have liked it to take all the tracks from one pattern and put into another pattern side by side.

Actually, I would have liked to have a feature like I mentioned before, where you can choose certain tracks in a pattern to copy onto a new blank pattern.

Bon apetite! :D

Such ‘Merge’ feature would be warmly welcome by me too.

If I were to merge anything at anytime it would become a mess. :P

Anyway phone Darth and make him talk to Taktik about it. :ph34r:
LOL I’m sorry, but your name… just reminds me of Darth Vader’s personal phone.

Ha, that was the idea… It is a play on the company name Vodafone.