[Done] Mmc Command Behavior In Renoise 2.5

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if this has been brought up/discussed before because frankly I did not have time to test the new version properly yet (nor had time to hang around the forum for a while), work is killing me at the moment… (Buts it’s actually a nice death, it’s fun, just leaves not much room for anything else at the moment…)

Anyway, one thing I came across almost instantly: Transport Buttons. I have been testing this on an Akai MPK49 and a Korg nanoKontrol and the Problems:

MPK49: The Rec Button switches recording mode on, but I can’t switch it off, neither by pressing it again nor by using the stop button or similar. Which makes the button kinda useless. Also, the REW and FFWD Buttons, they jump 11 (?) lines backward/forward which is extremely useless, it should be either 10 lines or (I would prefer that) one pattern.

nanoKontrol: It’s abit different here because that one can be customized abit better by choosing from actions like “play, deffered play, record strobe, record exit, record pause”. However, choosing the different record-modes does not give me the same functionality as using the esc-key, record wll be either switched on or nothing happens, depending on the mode. Plus the FFWD/REW Buttons are broken in exactly the same way.

Anyway, hope to be able to test 2.5 properly soon.

PS:BTW, couldn’t find it, so I just ask: Turning off “Record Velocity” still has to be done in the preferences panel, right? No neat button somewhere on the mainscreen? ;)

Sounds like you probably need to change it from Record(Set) to Record(Toggle) mode. I don’t have a controller with MIDI Transport Controls and can’t remember exactly where or how you do this but sounds similar to the problem a few people have had.

Mhh, could not find an option like that, I can only select the control-protocol from options like MIDI, MMC and “Control”… :(

Hey looza, I had the same problem with my MPD24, see this thread.

I use this workaround: change the operation of the transport buttons on your controller from MMC to CC, and use the midi mapping window in Renoise to assign their functions (set ‘record’ to ‘edit mode(toggle)’, and ‘forward/bacward’ to whatever you like). Then save this mapping in your template song, and to a midi mapping file. The only drawback is that the transport buttons will only work in new songs. If you want to use them in an old song, you will have to import the midi mapping file into the song.

Works like a charm. Thanx alot.

Made the “11 lines” a step forward or back in the sequencer now. Also record will now always toggle. There are two 3 record commands in MMC: Pause/Record, Punch In and Punch Out. Looks like the MPK49 has send Punch In all the time…