[done] Multi-out Vst Handling


I've posted about this a long time ago. Then I took a break from music making and now I'm back ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif)

I have searched and searched for good tracker/modular environment and only buzz and buze along with renoise kept my interest. After strugling with new build from buzz and buze I came to conclusion that renoise was still one of the best in the field (after all I come from FT2/ST “scene”).

Now I have downloaded and tested renoise and wow, it has come a long way, it’s perfect… apart from ONE thing.

I use EZDrummer and such multi-out vsti’s when composing and I’d like to effect every drum channel independently. Unfortunately renoise does not support this(although ezdrummer works ok on one channel).

So the question that comes to my mind when searching the forums where this topic has risen a couple of times, when will this feature be implemented? This is the only thing that’s holding my 50 euros for you guys, so if you could say some approx eta when this will come to renoise and I can start my waiting/drooling.

Keep up the good work! :D

On a current project of mine i got around the percussion - multi out vst i use by creating ~ 16 instances and then i could pick and chose the samples i wanted. now you might wonder why i went thru the troble of making the instances and not just load the samples into renoise. One reason for not doing that, if i did that i would have to tinker way to much with the different samples for the different velocities. But i agree ofcourse, multiout would be really nice to have :)

// codec

Yea, one way could be creating many instances. The bad side of this is that the ezdrummer isn’t actually what you would call a light vsti :)

Of course loading samples would work, but ezdrummer has many cool features like mic bleeding and making drum tracks sound more like a human was playing(randomizing etc).

Of course there are many more multi-out vstis like samplers where this feature is useful.

So it’s Renoise 2.0 thing? Cool thing to hear, I’ll wait for you to release it, then I’ll give you my money ;)

Hopefully soon though :dribble:

And as always, thank you for quick answer, Renoise community and forums are great as ever! :)

Well, Renoise 2.0 was not stated, but we are currently debating plans for how to implement this so it looks like you don’t have to wait for this too long.
(I’m dying to have this feature as well so i’m doing my best to blackmail Taktik with everything i can to get this implemented.)

Heh good to hear it is close to be implemented :)

I was just thinking that it is kinda “large” feature so it would be on the next bigger release(ie 2.0), but better if it wll become faster.

Some people on forums like buzzchurch have also said that the main reason for they to not like renoise is the missing multi-out, this could bring even more users to your lovely tracker.

Lots of things are bound to change eventually. The old system is gradually being phased out and new improvements come for that in place.

If you follow(ed) the complete development of Renoise, you can actually see tracking software becoming more mature each release.
For as far as Renoise does not do what you need yet, you can always stick to the Demo version, which is actually already pretty much full featured with a few minory exclusions and next to it, stick around this forum and watch the Beta release announcements here as this is the place where the anouncement is becoming prime time (even a few days or week before it hits the front page!).
You will learn fast enough what is added and not and if that is worthwhile for registering.

Just thought I’d add another voice asking for this feature as well :)