[Done] Old 2.6 Sample Slicer Tool For 2.7

Hi all I have been using this tool http://tools.renoise.com/tools/sample-slicer to cut up samples evenly regardless of transients - so I can divide evenly , the problem now with renoise 2.7 is that I cant use it even if I change the api version to 2 save it and enable in 2.7.

I know I can work around it by …

1 choosing snap
2 choose snap mode
3 choose slice
(for and 8 bar sample)
4 click on beat 1
5 click on beat 2
6 click on beat 3
7 click on beat 4
8 click on beat 5
9 click on beat 6
10 click on beat 7
11 click on beat 8

now compare that to using the tool I would just

1 press shortcut key for tool (or right click on sample >process>beatslicer)
2 insert number of slices (8 for example)
3 press slice

you can see how many steps are avoided!

Fabio Napodano | It-Alien (it-alien@renoise.com)

I think Fabio has made a fantastic tool and I dont want to go back to using renoise 2.6
maybe this should just be a function the is built into renoise? I cant be the only one in the world who is chopping samples into equal slices.

I have sent an email to it-alien, anyone have any ideas, feel free to comment please.

Perhaps Fabio can convert his routine to set markers instead of slices.

This really should be possible natively with the new slicer!

as I told to sevenscientist privately, I thought that with the slice markers feature the user was able to divide a sample into equally sized samples (I never use slices myself so I didn’t try), so I thought my script was useless in 2.7.

I will give a look at the script code as soon as possible in order to make it work on 2.7

Here’s a code snippet to hopefully save you some time :)

function slice_equally(instrument, number_of_slices)  
 local sample = instrument.samples[1]  
 if (sample.sample_buffer.has_sample_data) then  
 -- Delete existing slice markers  
 local markers = sample.slice_markers   
 for i = 1, #markers, 1 do  
 -- Create new slice markers  
 local frames_per_slice = sample.sample_buffer.number_of_frames / number_of_slices  
 for i = 0, number_of_slices - 1, 1 do  
 sample:insert_slice_marker(1 + math.floor(i * frames_per_slice))  
slice_equally(renoise.song().selected_instrument, 16)  

thankyou that would be very cool!

I didn’t notice that taktik already modified the script to be compatible with 2.7 and put the code on SVN repository. I have also added a warning which prevents the script from operating over instruments contanining the new slicer markers (it would give an error otherwise)


soon I will release a newer version with an option to create slicer markers instead of actually slicing the wave

v.1.4 can optionally use markers instead of sample slicing

Great update! :)

Do take care to check which sample the user wants to slice. :P

When i have selected a sample in slot 2, 3 or anything but 1, ofcourse Renoise starts to wine:

So you need either to pop out a warning dialog and give the user the chance to pick the first sample, or automatically copy the selected sample from the sample slot to a new instrument and then apply adding markers.
I think the latter works intuitively the best.

Tools like these make this such a fun application to use!, I just wanted to say that I have never experienced this level of professional response and community collaboration. All the admins , Renoise team , tool coders and community in general are incredible! Thankyou so much for delivering a quality product and responding so fast to requests! I know all sequencers have their place but in my opinion Renoise and the community who supports it are above the rest!. Anyways thanks again:

  • It-Alien
  • vV
  • Jonas
  • dblue

thanks for reporting vV, I will fix this as soon as I will have some spare time.

and thanks sevenscientist for the kind words

I couldn’t agree more with sevenscientist(post 10)!

v.1.5 will create a new instrument if using sample markers on a sample which is not the first in the samples list of an instrument

Great stuff! Thanks

A wet dream coming true!!!111 (not mine though, i only wined for it :P)