[done] Option For A Windows-style-screen

…for loading/saving songs, samples, and all that… you know, but you’d have like an option to use it or not because some people might be used to the renoise-window ‘+’ ‘-’ ‘+’ thingy



NE will offer a common dialog for opening songs.
It will also remember the path used for that dialog, this means that you actually can load songs from two different default places, preset default and common dialog default.

There will be no common dialog support for the rest (samples etc.)



drag and drop samples would be a nice thing… from say, a folder on the win desktop? but i guess this interface of renoise isn’t compatible with this way of working “yet” ;)

It depends on how you can intercept mouse-focus by detecting mouseclicks or releases if they are done in an area inside your application window.
In a common windows dialogue, this can be done, in DirectDraw however i don’t know. A typical game using DDraw also needs explicit (alt-tab or click on the application’s icon) focus before it reactivates it’s 3d facilities.
And then there is the matter how could we make this work in MacOSX?

no i don’t think you lot understand what i’m talking about. when I say a window I don’t mean the whole thing, just for loading/saving stuff, so you have like an option for the Renoise window or this one just floating:

:dribble: this is mutch better, it’s like thinking only 1 step instead of 1000 one’s.

Yes, this is exactly what i understood, that is a common dialogue.
NE will support this for loading and saving songs (above the existing song loading/saving functionality!).
But it won’t support this for samples / instruments etc.

Great. Even better when using Vista. Unlimited folder shortcuts.

Definately an yes to drag’n’drop from me too. It would kick a** just needing to drop samples into the sample editor without needing to save the samples to HD before, then loading… :)