[done] Pattern Font (more Options)

These days I’m running Renoise solely on my laptop which has a max res of 1024x768, so space onscreen is quite precious.

At the moment there are only GUI options for ‘Big Font’ on or off.
I’d love to be able to have more options here, like small and xtra small.

Here are some very readable pixel fonts which work really well on LCD screens.

Anyone else agree?

You can technically use any truetype font within Renoise though there are varying degrees of success, and certain fonts won’t work at all (some will actually crash Renoise). Provided that the font works you will probably just need to tweak its size settings a little bit in Renoise’s config file.

I grabbed the truetype version of “Proggy Tiny (Slashed Zero)” and extracted it to C:\Program Files\Renoise\Skin\Fonts

Then I edited the Config.xml which is also found in the fonts directory and changed this:

<property name="mpFonts[ASurface::kPattern]"><br>
	<property name="mSize" value="8,8"></property><br>
	<property name="mFontName" value="Fonts/Pattern.ttf"></property><br>
	<property name="mUpperCase" value="1"></property><br>
	<property name="mRenderGreyScale" value="0"></property><br>

To this:

<property name="mpFonts[ASurface::kPattern]"><br>
	<property name="mSize" value="16,16"></property><br>
	<property name="mFontName" value="Fonts/ProggyTinySZ.ttf"></property><br>
	<property name="mUpperCase" value="1"></property><br>
	<property name="mRenderGreyScale" value="0"></property><br>

Here’s a shot of Renoise’s default pattern font in action:

Now here’s Proggy Tiny:

You can immediately see that the “…” character which is specially defined in Renoise’s own font is not present in this other font, but that’s not really a big hassle.

And just for fun, here’s Renoise with Proggy Tiny used for every font in the config: (click for a bigger screenshot)

Some weird activity on the tabs at the bottom of the screen but nothing serious.


If i look at the buttons, the font doesn’t seem smaller but larger (or have larger margins), they are only thinner.

I did try it with a smaller font as well, UNI05_53.TTF at size 8, but I had to increase Renoise’s vertical line spacing to 1 to make it fit correctly:

Here’s how it looks on the whole interface: (click for larger view)

Pretty nifty if you’ve got good eyesight :)

These fonts are nice, too. Here’s a screenshot of the 04B-03 font in action:


Excellent work dBlue! Thanks for that.
I never thought of poking round in the config files…

/goes off to try it…

this should be in the tips section, how to pimp your renoise