[Done] Pattern Selection Broadener


maybe this already can be done natively and I’m unaware of it, if not I hope a scripter can help me out with the following:

I’d like to make a selection in the pattern editor, press a keyboard shortcut, and have the selection ‘broadened’ to all tracks to the right of the selection, using another shortcut all tracks to the left and one for both left and right.

Would be nice to have for example to quickly create ‘gates’ in cloned patterns, making variations, using ctrl+x on the broadened selection cutting away all notes.

good idea
check back tomorrow

The selection can only be read (in the form of if the content of the current column is selected by comparing the is_selected flag), it can currently not be modified from within the scripting API.

Huh? Then what’s this? :)

Cool! Hope that it is possible :)

Had to test if it was possible with the latest, hopelessly buggy vader, and it worked! YESSS!

Script to select all lines to left:

t(t.._)l -sel  

Script to select all lines to right:

t(t..")l -sel  

You should even be able to create shortcut binds for these with the version I linked (using the macro prompt), but unfortunately these won’t stick between sessions/ tool reloads yet. :(

Just you wait until I get this act together! :D


Friggin’ awesome! :yeah: So good thanks!

I usually perform this operation with a combination of:

  • LCTRL+B and LCTLR+E to mark the selection on a track
  • “Jump to frist track” or “Jump to master track” shortcuts (set to LCTRL+Q and LCTLR+W respectively on my setup)
  • LCTRL+B or LCTLR+E to mark the selection on the whole region

but this tool can make this operation faster, thanks

That’s what I used to do, too
the annoying thing is there’s no shortcut for ‘go to last send track’, you had to do Shift+Ctrl+Home, Left (def. setup) (or do I maybe not need to select those to render them too??)

Ah sorry yes, i was with my head with the selected subcolumn :P

wanna check out this tool but can’t figure out how?

can’t find the keybinding?

There is no keybinding set as default. Go to

edit => preferences => keys

And use the search function (“broad”) then st the shortcut to what you like

I usually type up some suggested keybinds somewhere when i post tools, but it’s impossible to include them right?


You can only provide the key bindings and then tell people where to find them, should they wish to use them.

We simply don’t want tools hijacking the user’s personal settings and forcefully mapping their key bindings. This would piss people off very quickly :)

I very much agree

About this portion from the tool page entry:

Could you please add three more keyboard shortcuts, additional ‘Note Solo’ modes not using Note-Off, but 00 in the volume column to mute? Ideally taking into consideration original volume settings… so if an instrument is set at 40 in the volume column, mute with 00 and bring back to life again at 40 first line outside the selection.

Sometimes you have sample loops in other tracks that get cut-off silent through the note-solo shortcut and need manual work to sound again. Using 00 in the volume column and the original volume setting, this isn’t an issue anymore and leads to careless soloing! :) If running through a pattern and remembering of volume settings for each instrument proofs to difficult to implement, I’d be happy with a default of 80 for un-muting.

So 00 to mute and 80 in the volume column at the first line outside selection to sound again :drummer: .

Very good idea :D
first I’ll try just looking up the last volume used (only in current pattern, traversing back might be too much of a hassle?) and use that. Should Note-Offs still be an option or is 00 method actually always preferred? I’ll just include both in a next beta version

it’s also renamed now, to ExtendSelection.xrnx
Let me know if it works

beautiful! Thanks :drummer: