done] Put Automated Elements On Top Of The List

In the automation pane, when I have more than 3 elements automated, in filters with many parameters, I usually forget what is automated, and need to scroll down a long list to find out.

I would love to see the automated elements moved to the top of the list, in one of two manners:

  • Option 1: Copy all automated events to a new list that will always be the first list - the list can be called “Automated” or “Recent” or something of that kind. This way in all tracks, we will have a neatly organized list of automated properties always at the same place.
  • Option 2: Move each automated event to the top of its OWN list (e.g. move “Cutoff” to be the first item under “Filter 2”). The advantage of this method is that each event stays in its context and I presume it involves less development efforts.

Of course, there may be a few other ways to make it work - but my main suggestion, is to allow easier access to the elements that are automated.

Since one of the things that makes Renoise so perfect, is the fact that it makes many tasks very easy and efficient to do, so when I find myself spending time on tasks like this, I am inclined to post a suggestion.

EDIT: Perhaps the easiest implementation of them all, would be to have a special character, that if placed in the Search box, will bring all the automated events. Like “/” or “>” - something thats easy to type fast.

This type of implementation may be also applied to other search boxes in Renoise, to bring the recently used VSTs, or to do something else that is relevant to the context.


There’ve been threads about this before, but +1 anyway.

I like the sound of option 1.

+1 for better automation editor

(I want all my automated parameters in the automation editor, automatically be visual in the mixer as well, maybe it’ll make me use the mixerpage more for overview and tweaking.)

If i remember right there was some talk about using the “#” char in the searchbox during the beta phase to show only the automated parameters.

Having a rightclick menu in the mixer for “show all automated paramaters” would rule! :)

funny suggestion…
err, i mean +1 ofc ;)


Show/hide unautomated switch?

I like the search filed idea, kinda the same.

Show/Hide unautomated is excellent and seems to be the most natural. I am rerouting my vote to this implementation. :)

+1 foreshadowing…