[Done] Request: Keybind "Save Sample As" (Sample Editor)

hi, the context-menu in sample-editor lists “save sample” but renoise doesn’t allow for keybinding “save sample” to a key. could this be made possible, please?

lovingly yours, esa

Then for the instruments it would be no more than logic it should have a shortcut as well…
Now when you would jam the shortcut on an unnamed instrument with an unnamed sample, the save as dialog opens and what was it you were saving again? a sample or an instrument?..

I never had a problem with using the “save” feature and folder shortcuts in the disk browser, works for both instruments and samples with different shortcuts for each one… in ANY window! :)

Haha I don’t like to touch the mouse that much either, but would have to include a new GUI for a save as on the disk browser to provide actual functionality… Or a shortcut key to just name and save to the open sample directory in the disk browser…

thebinarycollective: there’s already a keybindable rename-shortcut in the disk browser (for me, its apple-R)… i guess i meant “save sample” instead of “save sample as” ;)