[done] Se: Offset Indicator Thingy Gone?

you know the thing where you can click on the sample in SE and it tells you the offset, next to the record button.

i cant seem to locate it.

my samples are rarely perfectly trimmed so fingers crossed that you guys havent gotten rid of it.



ahhhh ok.

i didnt think to zoom in after setting the ‘snap to’ to 09.

this is much better.

cheers bantai.

I was about to complain about this until I noticed that “down” zoomes in. :P

Think maybe there should be a mouseover info when you, well, mouse over the rulers above and below the sample to easier let people see that they can change things there. Didn’t see it at once.

Oh, and where is that “snap to”-function? Can’t find it…
(edit. nevermind, found it. Right where it should be. I’m blind…)

lol yeah i knew i wasnt looking properly :P

but this new style rocks, i’m slicing beats faster than ever, practically touch typeing :P

I cant wait to try this out tonight!

after using this for a good long while today all i have to say is:

1- i have hardly touched my mouse today :P


2- f**** a beatslicer :D this is much better!

Yeah this is really nice now I have tried it…


Can we have it so that the 09xx value displays somewhere on the screen as well (like in 1.8.0) so we dont have to zoom in all the time?

yeah i second vadarfone.

altho i dont mind the zooming in, there might be a flood of noobie threads asking how they find the 09xx.

by all means. i love the ruler
but i second sagosen and vadarfone. keep the visual mouse-over kinda 09xx thing that 1.8 had to reduce the amount of zooming.

pluss. i’d like to se 0900 being a repeat of the previously used 09xx value. as i’ve said before, it’s useless to trigger starting position of the sample with 0900. make 0900 usefull instead plz :)

But what if we some time in the future can set default offset point in the sample editor? Then you would need 0900 to trigger the sample from the beginning.

In general I think we instead should move arpeggio (00xy) on to a new command. So you then just need to type values for any command to make it repeat:

0010 <-- this will repeat 0910, it is not arpeggio anymore
0010 <-- still = 0910

I also think we could need a shortcut to insert the closest (above) command.
So if you type 0910 and then press this shortcut many times:

I can’t wait till we can define our own 09xx offset locations =p


yeah. might be usefull. it’s just one less character to punch with your suggestion here. you just drop the 9. but if it works like this, it makes sense. as it’s not just a repeat of previous offset, but just a repeat of the command. makes more sense when you use other commands too, like for dsp that uses xx00. then you wont have to type the two first characters

0910 <-- offset = 0910
003B <-- offset = 093B
0010 <-- offset = 0910
244F <-- dsp = 244F
001B <-- dsp = 241B

this is a great idea. except. it would ruin your previous suggestion a bit.
i see it more like this
you type 0910 and then press the shorcut several times to achieve:

I have to be blind or stupd but I just don’t find that ‘snap to’ setting


Are you a registered user Kara? The new 1.9 beta can be downloaded backstage for registered users.

Look at the right top of the sample editor near the zoom buttons. When disabled it’s not that clearly visible at first.

So the answer was ‘I’m stupid’
Didn’t see that this post was in the 1.9 Discussion


so really all you are saying is it should be 00 instread of 09? let’s hope there’s no clash and there isn’t allready a command for 00.


+1 +1 +1 :)

OOPS! didn’t check properly and as you said, arpeggio? never used it! get it off the 00 please :dribble:


Back to topic:

The selection markers are now shown in the lower rulers format (which is the 09 effect by default). This should make everyone happy, or?

Do you mean that the value is shown on the ruler itself, or it is shown on the GUI at the bottom like it was in 1.8??