[done] Should XY Device Record/Play "Snap Back" Values?

When ‘Auto Reset’ option is checked in XY Device, the guides in lower left corner do not show center values after XY snaps to center, but the last dragged position values:

This also results in wrong live recording to pattern fx codes using right-click. When you release the mouse button and XY snaps to center, the correspondent codes are not inserted.

Sorry if this is reported already.

Yes, the pad does not record nor apply the centering. Thats IMHO just fine cause you’ve release the pad. It will then simply will start recording/changing the values if you touch it again…

Well, I dunno.

I think it should at least record the snap back.

It’s like “releasing a note” - the “OFF” is expected to be recorded here.

but i think it is an error, the pad must show/record the release, or it is just useless imho.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘apply’ but the pad DOES apply the centering taktik, both addressed parameters jump to center when you release the pad.

I think this is an error too, because what you hear is totally different than what you record, and this is not expected. In the other hand, what’s the use of ‘auto reset’ if it’s going to act just like when it’s not checked?

P.s. I love this new device, the only thing limiting it is my imagination ;) Big thanks.