[done] Small Request On Inserting Tracks

i have a small request about something i just noticed the other day,when inserting new tracks(or send-tracks)

they get inserted to the left,of the track you chose.instead of to the right??which atleast in my head should be the obviously choice)

so when inserting new tracks,i always have to move them to the "right"place

hope you know what im on about :D

would be better according to me also

do i have a deja-vu? i really thought this one was requested earlier.
I’m very used to how it is now, but this makes more sense to me.




If I recall right, it was done that way because other majority apps such as ms excel and stuff do add their columns to the left too. However, that was also never really logic to me and in fact it confused me several times… So: +1 right

glad to see its not just me then :D

and yes bantai i meant add track :D


Fuck excel Renoise it better than that! :)


Actually it does not make a difference for me when adding note tracks, but when inserting send tracks, I always have to drag them to right after insertion, to send from previous send tracks to them.

this one seems like theres “demand” for this change.

really love the new beta,but hope that this one will get in the full version :dribble:

I tottally know what your talking about!!!

I was noticing that when I was working or a really extensive track a few days ago…

Nothing to big but yeah…something weird…


BTW I LOVE THE NEW BETA!!! Thanks for bringing back the clock you guys…and the new Filter 3 is KICK ARSE!!!


I got used with it and I don’t find it so disturbing. now I just build my songs up from right to left. No problem with that. Yeah… Only with the sendtracks as mentioned above.
But anyway adding tracks to the right side seems more right (and logical).

I tend to rename my (send) tracks anyway so it’s not really bothering me. Either method works fine for me.



I usually have one empty track to the right as a “go-to-when-adding-a-new-track”-track because of this ^^

the add-to-the-left behaviour always baffled me.

Ooops, I posted a new thread about. Please delete it. :)