[done] Switch On/off Groove Settings

just a little pattern command

0G01 = set groove to 01
0G02 = set groove to 02

or easier G000 = groove off , G001 = groove on

please <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

been wanting this forever. as it is now, just switch em on and off while recording.



I’d definitely use this.


Command F6XX could be used for this, but beside switching the groove on/off we could not really do useful stuff with it.

Would be great to control presets with the command as well, but that needs a complete redesign of the groove panel - thus I haven’t really considered adding the On/Off switch for now…

Should I nevertheless just add the On/Off command without any other grove panel changes?

Why not store the groove presets in the song file instead of global and let the command flip through the presets. This wouldn’t need any GUI changes then. F601 preset 1, F60A preset 10 and so on. To switch the groove off one could then add a simple preset with groove 0% or maybe even F600 could be predefined for this task.


why not have the groove devices parameters/sliders show up in the automation editor (when in masterchannel)? Then you have much flexible control over changes.

yes!!! that would be big fun for now.

Oh yes, would be amazing, if it s not too hard to make… it would be awsome

a big big +1 for this :dribble: