[Done] Track Names Coloring In Track Scopes

Today while working on a bigger project I found it really nice to navigate though track scopes by clicking on them. But there was one minor annoyance. Some track names were lighter and the others were more dim which made me squint my eyes to see them.

On the second image as you can see the last track (Jäää) in the upper row is lighter than the ones on the left. So at first sight I might think that I’m situated on that track, but I’m not.

So my question is - why three different brightness levels for the names? Shouldn’t it be just two different - the selected track is just lighter than the others.

(sorry if I’m annoying with this bs)

Brighter = visible in the pattern. Very bright = the selected track.

Thats maybe a bit subtle, but not annoying or a malfunction?

It’s annoying actually :( Because I really don’t see those dark names.
Well this is nothing urgent for this release but I think there must be something done with the track scopes to make it more clear what’s selected and what isn’t. Also the track routings could be visualized better (like with the devices in the mixer view).

I wouldn’t mind having a bright, not to miss, border around the track your current residing in the pattern editor, scopes and pattern matrix.

This is how it looks now:

I’d like it something but-ugly like this, colors should be user-definable:

Maybe an option to toggle on/off for the visually impaired? :)

Trashed the third level color now, so theres only the selected track and others.

Looks like no one except me ever noticed this, so its not worth keeping it. If this still doesn’t work for you, then please change the color theme to make it brighter. Its Main → Main Text for the non selected tack…

Totally agree Jonas, and posted (a much uglier :) ) version of this myself before. It may be worth posting your screenshots over in Ideas and suggestions, as to save it from getting lost in these sub forums. You will certainly get a +1 from me… :)

edit: barring that, I will post my much uglier screen shots over there myself, and I`m sure that should be avoided… :ph34r:

Thats exactly the problem: I haven’t seen a mockup for this, and also had no ideas for a way that does not hurt your eyes, but still makes clear which track is selected. So this would be nice, but not like this please ;)

If a mod can maybe split my post into a new thread in the ideas & suggestions forum that would be cool. Please post your mock-up and or make a new one. Would be interesting to see different options/takes on this, get Renoises more visually talented on this case! :)

Maybe something more subtle as default would be better, but have an option for folks to set their own level of obviousness(uglyness ;) ) in there. For me it is about being absolutely sure where you’re residing in Renoise and not necessarily about a smooth gui so I wouldn’t mind having bright colored borders necessarily.

Might be better solutions for this, so let the brainstorming begin.

Well, you can also use colored borders to mark visibility of the tracks in range. It does not interfere with the scope functionality, yet the function is there.