[done] "undoing Operation.."

this is something which has annoyed me since a long time, but for some reason I’m reporting it only now: when you undo/redo something, a message like “Undoing something…” appears at the bottom of the application. I would like that, when the undo/redoing has been completed, a new message like “Undoing something completed!” appears.

not having this can be confusing, expecially when the undo/redo operation affects something which is not currently visible (for example, a line on a pattern which is different from the currently shown one).

Normally undoing redoing is so fast that you would only see “undoing Bla is done”. What we IMHO should do instead is showing a Renoise is busy cursor on the undo/redo operations that take a long time.

both are needed in my opinion: showing hourglass cursor AND a “completed” message: the message is needed exactly because the operation is most of times so fast that you don’t even understand it has been already completed, and you start to wonder if it has ended, as the “work in progress” message will still be shown for some seconds.

if this doesn’t cost you lot of work, please add this message.

An undo history like in photoshop would be cool.

Heel yeeh!

I would support the photohopstyle history list.

One question, though, which may or may not be related to the original post:
The one undo-action that seems to last “forever” is “change patternline”.

What is this, and why does it take so long?

Yes, I thought about that to, a history list. The undo/redo as it is now is very hard to use in more than one step because it is very hard to get an overview over what will happen etc and the operation is also very slow sometimes so if you press ctrl-z a few times it can take several seconds before the operation is finished and suddenly you have lost track of where you were

Yeah I have suggested this a few times.

Photoshops undo is the best implementation in any software I have ever used…

To have the ability to undo anything at anystage, with out being bound to a chronological order would be amazing.

For the time being, even a number list would be ace, counting down to 0 for the amount of things that can be undone. I do imagine this would get out of hand pretty damn fast though…

+1 deep from the heart!


would be wow

does anyone even know what the inital topic was about? :rolleyes:

I still would find a “completed!” message very useful…

Indeed I did sir.

The 0 at the end of the undo list would mean it had reached the end…

A simple completed would be very handy though too, and it is a good idea!

Yeah. it is a bit strange that the message “undoing something” just stands there for 8 seconds or so. As if it was actually undoing anything! I support the “completed” + hourglass suggestion


Sorry If we lost the thread… ;)

So yeah…


how about after undoing it throws you back the the pattern and row you were on.