[done] Visualize Customized FX Presets

When you add a new DSP to a chain, the preset name reads ‘Init’, and it means the initial values of parameters for that DSP. Now when you change the parameters, it still reads ‘Init’, which doesn’t make sense at all.

This is the same for other selected presets. Even when you add a dsp, choose a preset and change all the parameters and save the song, and you load it again, it still reads the last preset name you’ve chosen!

I propose that every time any parameter is changed in a preset, the preset name should change and read ‘custom’, as it behaves in nearly all other apps.

and “A” and “B” buttons would be appreciated

+1 for the “custom” idea

BUMP! Devs?

Aren’t they already there btw?

Don’t worry, we are here. You are right, this is how it should be…

Thanks. :)

Have been there quite a while. A-B buttons that is.

It would be pretty easy (easier than I thought) to add an asterisk (Prest Bla*) as soon as you modify a preset. But should this also happen when the value is automated via envelopes&pattern FX and when a value gets modified/automated by an LFO?

Oh, this is something I hadn’t thought about.

Adding an asterisk is a very wise and brief solution, I really like that. And I think the asterisk should appear as soon as the preset changes, no difference if done by the user or automation curve, and that’s because if you save a preset that is altered by automation, it’s not the initial preset anymore, but a new one. Another solution might be using both methods: ‘custom’ for user changes and ‘*’ for automation/pattern command changes…

As a second thought only the asterisk would be enough, because automated sliders are already indicated by the tiny icons.

Yep, sorry! Asterisk work great for me too!