Don'T Fear The Hydra

A little while ago, I started a track that features some rather extensive DSP chains that completely alter the overall sound. I took advantage of the awesome Hydra device, which allows me to easily morph between huge changes across multiple effects, simply by automating a single parameter in my patterns. I thought this was pretty nifty and wanted to share it with you, and hopefully inspire a few people to really get their hands dirty with some crazy DSP action :)

Here’s a stripped down version with some of the drum sounds in the track, with a few example patterns to show everything morphing via automation. Hope you enjoy it!

Download: dblue-hydra-drum-fx.xrns

Disclaimer: The Hydra setups are probably a bit of a mess, so I apologise for that, hehe. This is not meant to be a tech demo, per se, but rather a quick example of the kind of cool stuff that’s possible in Renoise :)

Thank You for this.

One thing that i missed in hydra its option that will allow u to change parametrs in 360 degrees. For example: Pan 50L when the input slider is on zero, 50R on 50%, and again 50L when the slider is on 100%.

If I’ve understood you correctly, this should do the trick:

Download: hydra-lfo-360-pan.xrns

Hydra >> LFO with custom /\ shape >> Panning

The Hydra is not really necessary in this setup, but it does make automating the LFO’s reset a bit easier to manage.

Thanks this is really sick tip :) but it will bring much more mess in my dsp chains. Anyway thx, i just love u ))

haha, yep. hopefully we’ll see a dsp device grouping feature at some point in the future. then it will be a piece of cake to manage these things.

this is really good idea indeed… much more complicated then just using vsts’s, but … renoise gives me instruments like screwdriver and hammer and nice packages for this would be really usefull, like u did this with hydra device.

Cool, thanks.

If your brain is as intense as your dsp setups, id think you weere insane.


WOW!! COOL!! (POW!!) :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :guitar: :guitar:

“Dont fear the hydra” … hm … what a cool name for a band … :lol:

Awesome trick dblue ^_^