Don't Know If This Is Possible Right Now But,..

Hello, something that has been on my mind lately, & what I haven’t found anything about in the online information is if it’s possible to, sort of ‘snapshot’ the vst(i) (preset) parameters in the automation section of renoise. (so you get straight lines at different heights for every parameter)

Basically, right now it’s hard to figger out which height represents the original parameter. So it’s a lill hit & miss drawing automation lines from a certain preset. I think it would be a cool option, to be able to ‘bang’ in the lines, so you have a starting point graphically.



feel free to move this thread to the ideas/suggestions section. :)

do you mean like being able to have the automation window show the different parameter values of the vsti param’s but WithOut any changes?

if so, then just double click the parameter (over in the left side box holding them) an it will put that ‘same value’ right there in the window.

dunno if that made sense (i got a head cold) but this helps me out a frekin ton!

i think i might see your idea here to, have the automation windows already equipted with the param’s values. that might bog down performance i think but it would certainly be helpful!

Hey thanks for the tip!! Thats what I’ve meant, even though you have to individually double click all the parameters now, this’ll be very helpfull! Thanks again!!


ye, multiple parameter changeing and re-calling. alternate solution for presets.
or just as “automation-helper” like inside NI’s Reaktor. great!