Don't Know What To Call It Yet

I’ve been trying to switch doing vocals over to just using Renoise instead of going to Cubase or ProTools.

Some of the vocals are from before I realized all you have to do is click “L” to just record that channel…

Most of the vocals that you hear on this recording are literally WHEN I was coming up with the ideas, so there’s pitchy points and uncomfortable-sounding points. The mix is absolutely atrocious–particularly the mix of the vocal levels in contrast to the music, so please bear these things in mind when listening… As with a lot of my test versions, the vocals do not have real words, and I haven’t even started writing them yet.

This is probably the most sub-alpha song I’ve shared with the public…

I told you before and I’m telling you again: You’ve got a great voice :)
You’ve sung acapellas in some parts. The part that needs it most doesn’t have it in my opinion. How about making a three voice acappella of this part in its second run? Or even jazzy with four voices?

Interesting–I had thought about in passing, but didn’t do it. Now that I’ve heard an example of that, I’m definitely going to put that in. That sounds really great.

Thank you VERY much. :)

I’ve got harmonies for those parts going in the recording now, but I’m still working on new recordings of the vocals now that I have at least SOME words written now. This song really strikes something deep in me, and I know this one will be one of my new releases, even though it is one of my stranger ones. The title is going to be “you can’t hurt me anymore”, and it’s about the death of my grandmother who destroyed my life but I helped take care of her when she was dying of cancer anyway and I still loved her even after she did what she did to me and my brother.