Don't Laugh ....

… but how do you enter commands into the Pattern Editor ?

I’m trying to mess about with sample offset to play with breakbeat chopping ( as in )

But when I try to type in “09xx” into effect column, it just puts in 9000 on the line below …

I’ve checked the tutorials but can’t find this basic thing (lots of other useful detail though).

I must be getting old …

“xx” does not mean you actually have to enter “xx” in the command column…

“xx” means “any number”, it does not mean “20” in roman numeric format :)

Thanks - but i realise that… I’m not THAT old ;) )

I’ve solved it - set edit step to 0 :D

And if you put “0” in , nothing happens. Just leave it blank and it defaults to 0 when you move to 2nd column and type “9”…

sorry :) there was some time ago a guy who actually asked why he could not enter xx into the command column, that’s why I misunderstood your question

The level of help & lack of patronisation on this forum is a credit to the community you have here.

May it ever be so !

Incidently, I’ve got the Amen looping on a track (note at first position).

Now I’m trying to be a smart arse and play with 09xx offset command.

I’ve put a few random xx values in at a few positions in the pattern - but nothing is happening, the sample continues to play as before.

Does the offset command work on lines where no note is present ? Is there something else I should be doing ?

You need to input the note as well as 09. Unlike 0B.
Have you taken a look at the beatslicing demosong? If you do, you’ll notice that whole patterns are filled with notes, with differing commands.


I guess that makes sense - retriggering sample, but at offset postion xx ?

yes, that’s it. there is also another nuance: you can prevent the volume envelope of the sample from getting retriggered by using the so called “ghost notes” (see here or the related demosong in the songs subfolder)

C-4 01 -- ---  
--- -- -- ---  
C-4 01 -- 910 <= retriggers both sample and volume envelope  
--- -- -- ---  
C-4 -- -- 910 <= retriggers sample only  


Hmm - going to have fun with this tonight … Squarepusherdom here we come :drummer: (without the jazz of course, because I can’t play jazz :( )

And after the kids have gone to bed, of course … ;)