Don't read this mum!

PaulR I’ve lost your email if you’re reading would love to swop some amiga tunes but all my work got lost when I went to prison (if you’re my mum reading this I did warn you not to but please replace the word prison with travelling!)

Does anyone know of any sites that have old amiga tunes on cos I’ld be well happy if any of mine where there I’m Stingray of Hyper if anyone remembers me from the good old days.

First completed(ish) song made by me using renoise is here:

drum and bass business…

comments greatly appreciated and theres a prize for anyone who knows where the bassline comes from!

Check Aminet for old Amiga modules (

I also have Mods Anthology (4 CD’s) but don’t remember anymore page where I found it.

About harrys tune:

beat seems abit to reverbed (but im listening on headphones)
i recognise that pad part from that “just keep walking song” forgot who its by.
vocals are cool the first time, but then they loose thier appeal
bass is cool but dont know where its from.

Daymoe :)

Cheers for the comments Damian. Did go a bit mad with the reverb on the drums but just to make them heavy. I didn’t know where the parpy bit came from so thats interesting.

No one knows where the basslines from then???

Can’t believe two people have rated it so far on here got 1/10 from someone and 2/10 from the other, that makes my song worse than anything the I Should be so Lucky by Kylie Minogue surely that would even get a 3/10 rating!

Would love to hear why someone thought it was worth only 1/10 constructive comments always helpful! Must admit its only abot 75% done but even so!

i thought is sounded PHAT witha capital P:

boooooooooooooooooooo ya!!


Cheers Paul someone who knows the score,. will be in touch!

AMP (Amiga Music Preservation) is the biggest amiga modules site I think… really good!

WHAT bassline?

At last someone who knows where the bassline comes from! Well done Plankton I’ll have to think of a prize now.

Parsec: Some help for you Bass = a deep or grave tone : a low-pitched sound, therfore bassline is an arrangement of deep or grave tones or low pitched sounds. Normally you long haired people would play these with something called a bass guitar.

Very weird that you think that I don’t know what “bass” means…

Oh wait a moment… you’re being “IRONIC”! don’t ya!?
Ohhh… now I get it… what a smart writer we have here!
I’m impressed… what timing, what a clever idea…
You should definitely dedicate more of your time to writing such humorous lines…

Sorry Parsec obviously touched a nerve, can’t help being sarcastic - goes hand in hand with being english!

Peace and love to all you long haired hippys out there! Which reminds me must get my hair cut before I start turning weird!

Must go, got some more crap music to make…

:lol: Nice try :rolleyes:
Obviously you’re not as good as psychologist as you are at writing ironic lines… otherwise you would surely know that the expression “touching a nerve” it could be used when facing a strong reaction, insults, anger, mixed feelings… that really means you “Touched a nerve”… (what some psychologist calls “Visceral-tonic signal”)… not just “any reaction”
If someone has a bad behaviour with you and you invite him to stop…
it does not necessarily mean he “Touched” any nerve… isn’t it?
;) :lol: