Don't rename sample slots when recording into them

Currently, when naming a sample slot and then recording into it, the name gets overwritten by some default name.

This looks like a bug to me, as I cannot see any situation in which I would want that.

In case it’s intended for some reason, please make it optional.

No, there is indeed special handling already of names. So it seems like it could be improved further.

Take for instance a plugin. When it’s just being loaded “as is”, the name reflects the plugin and the preset name. And this is updated in realtime, as you navigate through presets etc.

But once you assign some other name, Renoise will keep that name and not override it.

So this could (should) apply also when recording…that is, a custom name is always preferable to the default/automatic one.

Yes, for me it just gets a bit in the way of sampling my JD-Xi drums. The drumsets have all the same layout, so I created a template with the sample slots named correctly. I thought I could then just record into those slots, but when I do this, the name gets changed, so my template is only half as useful as it could be :slight_smile: