Don't Render Unused Tracks

Looks a bit like the topic about deleting unused tracks.

I would like a checkbox in the “Render to Disk” section that says “Don’t render unused tracks”

The following tracks should not be rendered:

  • tracks with no data (notes/effects/automation) at all
  • tracks with no sound/output at all
  • tracks that are send through a send device throughout the whole song with source muted

The last one is really important to me because I use send device with “source muted” a lot.
So every time a I do a multi track render I get a bunch of empty .wavs.

(Hint 1: start the names of your tracks that are send through a send device the whole song with an “x”.
This way if you sort your files by name or type you can easily select and delete them from your hard disk.

I would always have this checkbox checked… would anyone uncheck it?

Haha you got me there :D

I would like a HIDDEN checkbox in the “Render to Disk” section that says “Don’t render unused tracks” ;)

+1, in the meantime:

Even better: sort by size! The empty wavs will all have the same size. (having a non sucking file manager that can display size in bytes and not just kilobytes might help though)

hmm… silent tracks should have the same size in bytes than the sounding ones… or I got you wrong?

Hmm… just tried it out and you are correct… did Renoise delta-compress rendered output in earlier versions? Either that or I did something else, like converting to flac.

In short: oops, nevermind.

There should also be a “don’t render silent patterns” option when you’re rendering patterns… with a gate threshold perhaps… this one would be unchecked in some very specific instances however. Perhaps also “trim leading/trailing silence in tracks”… for those of us who really want to save space. This one would cause issues with timing of course… which is why it would have an “off” default.

For now you can mute tracks manually that you dont want to render. Muted tracks are not rendered/written…

i think better is turn off un used tracks it dont take any resources…
ctrl+click as i remember)

i have no any unused tracks.
put in order you song) because you will have sucks with mixing.

That’s why i don t understand really the goal of a “don t render empty tracks”

The tracks I was referring to are not empty, they just don’t have any sound output themselves because they are sent to a send device the whole song. So muting such a track as taktik suggested won’t solve my “problem”. Because the sends won’t receive anything.

Or I am missing something here?

It seems like I indeed WAS missing something ;)


Until 5 minutes ago I never knew the difference between off and mute :S

My problem is solved!
Thansk again. You to taktik

You could make that mistake because on the top of the channel it s the same button for off and mute, it s not very clear but in the chain, no mistakes are possible!!