Doofer buttons

Like with the sliders, 1 doofer button could for example switch on 1 effect and off 3 others or reset 4 lfos.

This might be an old topic, but I’ve got to +1 this. LFO reset with a Doofer knob is a minor PITA since the value has to be something new for each reset; no copy&paste. If you’ve got bunches of resets this can add up to a fair bit of time spent slapping random values in mind-numbing tedium.

Additionally, changing Doofer button behavior would be another nice thing. Momentary versus toggle versus continuous (or would that be gated?). Anyway, more controls please :badteethslayer:

Bump and 1+ on this. I would love a toggle button as an alternative to the standard circulars, for various tasks.