Doofer improvements, a collection

This was already mentioned, but I have one more new regarding doofer improvements, so please add your requirements here please, too. And please, only bugfixes, easy fixes, not new complete logic. Simple stuff. Thanks.

Please improve doofers by adding/fixing the following:


0. The Doofer preset restoring and also saving has to be improved a lot… It can cause hangups of Renoise! And it is way too slow. The GUI will be unresponsive for some seconds and then jumps in a strange way to wrong positions. On heavy cpu load, the restoring of a doofer preset or a/b preset can lead into a force-quit-situation (only tested on OSX).

  1. Doofer preset loading. Double click in Finder should work, drag and drop from finder and from Renoise disk browser should work. Currently it doesn’t. So loading doofers is quite annoying.

  2. Doofer preset restoring (clicking A/B) is insanely slow, at least here on Mac. If I click it, Renoise will completely freeze for a moment, and also audio will stutter. Also the x-position in the fx bar will jump in a strange way.Sure this should be improved, shouldn’t it? Also Saving is quite slow, this time “only” short gui freezing.

  3. Drag’n’drop of macro knobs. E.g. I want to delete knob no.4 but keep 5 and 6… What now? Hacking xml? Reconnct everything? Also please deletion of any knob, not only the last.

  4. Half sized knobs, doubled maximum (16), this would be very helpful. Two bars?

EDIT: You would provide at least two control types: the usual, currently knob and an exactly had sized horizontal slider just like the ones in lot of devices. Then for each column you could set the type: one knob, or two sliders. On the other hand, the mini sliders are very small. That’s one problem in Ableton, too.

  1. A more minified version of inline devices only for doofers, or a complete hiding option per device. Since e.g. I want to keep the controlled EQ (because of the lack of the types of controls), but do not need at all the formula devices even in minimized view. A right click “show hidden devices” could show again all the stuff, in maxed or minimized version.

  2. The labels of the knobs are very limited. Or font too large.

  3. Please allow send devices within a doofer. Even if it’s not connected after loading, in this way you could keep a routing logic completely inside a doofer. As an idea, if you would add also a “hide completely device mode”, only the send device that needs a connection after loading could be shown with a red border or something.

  4. It would be quite helpful, if one could set up the minimum virtual value of a knob and the maximum. So the scale could be range not only from 0 to 100, but from -12 to 12 (dB) or something.

  5. General wet and dry mini sliders (controls like in chorus) for all doofers at the end of the doofer, so a doofer could be used for a general wet/dry control for any other device. The values do not need to be saved in the preset.

10. Inline doofers (doofer in doofer) should have next to the dry/wet controls a routing switch with “serial” and “parallel”, if more than one doofer is inline. If more than two doors are inline, the routing option should show in a drop down menu all possibilities: “(A /\ B )/ C”, “(A /\ C) / B”, “”(B /\ C) / A", “A/ B/ C” and so on…


New conceptual idea:

  1. If doofer-in-doofer would be a closed unit without input by default, you could allow send devices within the outer doofer to target them! So the outer doofer would be the microcosmos for the send device targets! In this way you can build wet/dry setups, parallel or serial setups, or even use the multiband-send device to target multiple doofer-in-doofers with different frequencies! Imagine this! And you could do it without any extra control! Wouldn’t that be the most simple approach?

Thanks for considering.

I would love to see some of these implemented. Wet/dry would be fantastic. I would like to see parallel processing inside them though, or chains like in ableton’s racks. I know you can do parallel processing in the sampler fx chains but sometimes it would be nice to do it as a track dsp instead.

^ yes to everything.

And, in addition to giving us an option to decide what value type and range to display (% vs other stuff),
I would like an option for choosing what type of knob should be used:
circular, fader or switch/toggle. (more?)

and regarding the “switch/toggle”, what I would need is to be able to also switch between more than two states, and preferrably also a way a DISPLAYING what “state” the switch is in.
For example: I made a doofer controlling one of my hardware synths, and the LFO type on the synth can either be set to value 0, 34, 60, 78. 98, 118 = 6 different states (via MIDI CC).
Doing such a switch with the current circular controller feels very flimsy, and I cannot know what state I have set it to (no display).

I want to mention here that I experienced quite a bunch of Renoise hang-ups while restoring a quick-preset/ a/b-preset in a doofer, especially if the song has a lot of cpu usage. The preset restoring is very slow, the gui is unresponsive for more than 2 seconds and then jumps in a strange way. With a project on heavy cpu load, restoring can lead into a hangup of Renoise and then Renoise needs to be force-quitted.

see 1st

Check ma conceptual idea above out! What do you think? Would that be so simple and understandable?