Doofer: Randomized Glitcher and more

So, in my never-ending quest to get some sort of granular effect with native devices going, I came up with another couple’a Doofers.

RandPan - a randomized panning device, straight up LFOs controlling a Delay with no feedback/repeats. If you want to, you can add some controls to the speed of the panning using Doofer knobs. I didn’t here, because I didn’t need to.

Click Control - One of the main things I use granular plugins for is to create randomized ticks and pops, placed VERY low in the mix. Normally, I would use a noise-source, and reduce the granular tool’s slice size to something like 1ms - 5ms. Well, we can’t do that here in Renoise (yet, anyway @taktik). So, I put my head around the issue and said - "I can make my own 1ms - 5ms tick sounds by just drawing them myself in the sampler, drawing in X individual samples.

Since I don’t have a native granular tool to slice sound, and I created these ticks, I remembered I can randomize the Repeater’s controls with LFOs. I connected a ton of LFOs to a bunch of parameters of the Repeater, placed 'em in a Doofer, added some other bunkum to give me even more control over the sound (added a Gainer to make pretend randomized velocity), and now I have a really fake granular effect that sounds pretty close to the real thing. It’s ‘good enough’. Nobody’d gonna be able to tell, except me.

Now, this doesn’t work well on melodic sounds, because the Delay makes those annoying sounds of a delay changing speed. It’s not cool. Don’t do it. Sounds like a 10-year old messing with the delay speed on a guitar pedal. Only works well on clicks. Basically, it’ll make the sound of tiny, plastic raindrops with whatever clicks you feed it. Probably works OK on tight hi-hats, maybe. Less melodic tones and there’ll be less annoying delay sounds sweeping in pitch.

So, @taktik. Please, please, please may we have some real granular Tools in this beast of a sequencer? Please? I mean it, really. I’ll pay more for it. C’mon. I’m begging now. We could really be making tons of new sounds in Renoise. Granular synthesis is not just ‘all the rage’ anymore, it’s becoming a new norm. And you make this software so well, I don’t want to use plugins. I don’t want to use another sequencer. I want to use YOUR creation(s) alone. Please? Pretty please?

Listen to this stuff - it should be on 12K or LINE or other microsound labels - much of my other Renoise stuff is already on Audiobulb.

Here it is:

Neuro… No Neuro · Society Deems Two Minutes Is Enough

Click Control.xrdp (18.5 KB)
RandPan.xrdp (7.0 KB)


And one more - I created an actual randomized volume envelope, and placed the Click Control INSIDE of it. A double-Doofer. Now we’re really controlling a more fine variance of microscopic rain drops.

GranCtrl.xrdp (31.0 KB)


Gran crackle crunch man this generates some interesting sounds

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Ill try it soon

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