Doofer´s setting should be detachable! And other suggestions...

When i wanna map doofer to DSPs parameters i hate this:
When i have long fx chain and i wanna map something to macro i have to scroll left, right and again cause i can´t change macro setting and see changes in mapped dsp effect in the same time. This is why i hate creating complicated Doofers with long FX chain.
Example of problem: I have 7EQs in doofer. I wanna first macro to change Q of the last EQ. I have to click on assign macro, scroll to the last EQ, select parameter. Go back to the doofer, move it. Look at the EQ and if i dont like result i have to scroll back, change setting and again and again until i am not happy how macro influences mapped parameters.
If there would be detachable macro editor this process would be much easier!

So possible and little dirty solutions (we can build upon):

  1. Whole doofer has detachable editor.

2)(it is older idea, i realized the 1st and better solution when i was writing this but because it took time i dont wanna delete it :rolleyes:/>)
Doofer macro editor would behave like instr. macro editor. So just macro mapping editor would be detachable (not macros).
But because it doesnt solve this -> if i move by first macro i cant see how the last DSP in the long chain is influenced -> it isnt ideal even it looks more elegand than the first solution.
Even it can be solved a little by this ways:
Minimalized DSPS would show parameters (all or just assigned ones) - something like in picture below (i was inspired by the new mini instrument editor).
But it still doesnt solve the problem cause minimalized DSPs still take space so it doesnt work when your fx chain is large.
So it is why the first solution is better imho.

And some other suggestions:

When i wanna change position of Doofer macros i cant so i have to remap every other parameter

  1. there is obvious solution, make it possible to move :slight_smile:

Doofers cant create paraller chains

  1. Create reciever device that can recieve signal from send device

We cant create new meta devices

  1. Doofers should have output so we can create ultra complex meta devices

I´ve created so much Doofers that menu is not enough
Create folders in menu so i can distribute doofer presets into right categorie…

Feel free to write your ideas too ;)
And sorry for my horrible english (if you cant understand something tell me, i will try again).
I´ve already suggested these ideas somewhere else but i think we should have specialized topic about future of Doofers.