Doofer, Signal follower, Hydra, Other Tracks


After using doofer for signal follower and hydra in the pattern i cant routing hydra or signal flower to another chanels. :smashed:/>


Normally signal followers can only be routed to channels at the ‘right’ of the track where the sign .foll. resides , or the channel itself , but not to the left .

I used signal folwer in the send track for side chain, hydra for any chanel

A device within a doofer can not reach other tracks. We’ve done this to enforce self-containedness of doofers. Is this the problem?

My plan used Doofer (container/box) for many metaplugins and long chain (preset). In my song i have chains for many chanels but i dont like a look have visualisation many devices for just one effect, and when i start new project I can creating many new chain but this procces big boring. i know about saving preset and saving template but i think Doofer its good fast alternative.

Hope You understanding me. Have nice day