Doofers, 8 Macro limit?


Is there a hard limit of 8 for Doofer macros? If so, any chance of that being increased … or perhaps unlimited?


Put a second doofer into your first.

I can’t see how putting doofers inside doofers would solve this? You can’t automate a doofer if it’s inside a doofer, or you can, but only throgh the macros of the master doofer and that will still be 8.
You may of course have two doofers in series though, then you get 8 macros in each doofer.

For example open a new doofer and put inside a Dj Filter and a lead Distortion you can modulate(and save)now with your new.
The problem is with midi.Doofers forgot midi maping.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about, i can’t automate a doofer when it’s inside another doofer, it’s not possible. Or am i missing something here as usual? :blink:
What do you mean by “modulate (and save) now with your new”. I know you can automate the other doofers through the master doofer, but it’s still only 8 macros to automate.

The parent doofer can only target the child doofers controls. So it’s not like you could gang up ten plugs in series, then add ten doofers and expect to target eight controls on each plug via each doofer.

It’s just not dooferable.

Exactly what i’m trying to say! I was starting to think i had it all wrong there for a while.
Doofers in series should be a solution though, but you can’t have it all in one doofer. ;)

We have a removal button but no add button! Would be nice to have that limit removed though.


Also please make the buttons moveable, so their order can be changed after assigning parameters.

  • Same (both) also for the instrument macros, please. Setting up instrument macros quite often means to decide, what you can live without most likely. Which is not really good.