Dopes Demopack

Maybe you know how and which one I should continue :)

Why not complete both? :D

I would drop the drums from the inever track and use it as an intro for the piano2 track, something like William Orbit did, i don’t remember the name of the song. You can then make a breakdown later in the piano2 track, reintroducing the inever melody with trance synths. This should give you enough ideas for a 7 minute song, needs only a bit adjusting with the melodys, so that they stick together.

A very bad mockup is here, bpm and notes need to be adjusted ofcourse, i’ve only mixed the two tracks with audacity, but you can glue the two tracks better together.

Edit: Link deleted.

Hmm Download is dead…

Strange, i’ve checked it before posting, seems they are paranoid with music files. Here is a new link, don’t expect to much, just mixed them together.…4W0MFU4GST8H0CF