Doris&boris - Deep Sea Giants • Industrial Techno

Sound design and grooves created in the Digitakt; arranged, mixed and mastered Renoise.

Liking this workflow of sketching out a few patterns in the Digitakt and then recording them as samples into Renoise to then develop into a full song.

I usually put out house and disco edits but have been getting into darker sounds more recently. Would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:


wow. that’s quite a stylistic change compared to the stuff i remember you from. still got your mesmerizing “souvenirs” track on a playlist i listen to on a rather regular basis. turned out to be a personal longtime favourite over here.

this one here plays in a totally different, but equally well executed ballpark tho. arrangement- and sound-wise it reminds of the early (90ies) surgeon / jeff mills / drumcode stuff. certainly something i am happily digging any time.

sounds like an interesting workflow you got there with the digitakt. i’m currently trying to establish a similar approach with the MPC ONE which i recently added to my audio playground: create track with renoise, finish it. render core sequences of the track to wav, import to MPC, slice the hell’ out of them and create a new track based upon them.
the results are so far interesting in a way that the outcome has certain key elements of the renoise track but come out totally different, yet coherent to the original one.

looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Thanks man - really means a lot you’re still listening that song. It’s one of my personal favourites as well. I’ve been on a bit of hiatus production wise. Spent a lot of time DJing and working the 9-5 and it seemed to fall by the way side. But lockdown has got me back on it.

sound-wise it reminds of the early (90ies) surgeon / jeff mills / drumcode stuff.

Really much appreciated :slight_smile: - love that raw sound those guys were putting out. Always tricky with Renoise not to go too overboard with different elements and to hold back from introducing too many elements. I’m learning to make less sound better and really focussing on the sound and how to modulate it over time.

interesting workflow you got there with the digitakt

I’m really liking it for keeping things simple. 8 tracks of audio, set amount of effects and a lot of hands on knob twiddling has been super inpiring.

render core sequences of the track to wav, import to MPC, slice the hell’ out of them and create a new track based upon them

This sounds like a lot of fun. I think that “live jam” element you get from using something like the MPC must give tracks a whole new energy. Have you got any songs like this you’ve put out? Would love to hear it.

Thos damn hi hats. I’m always struggling to pull them back. Think I’ve damaged my high end hearing from DJing too much so leave them in louder than they should be.

But appreciate the feedback nonetheless :slight_smile:

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Super track, I agree with keith303. This could have been from some old classic techno vinyl.
This beat at 3’00 :open_mouth: after the break… sooo underground!

Also I appreciate that the track construction is evolutive and not only stay in the same loop. :+1:

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Thanks man - ring mod doing wonders there :wink:

Man, I was into this kind of Techno style for years, especially in the mid/late 90s. I used to party in a club called Omen with a guy called Sven Väth as the resident DJ. Music like this was the essence and kept people partying on. Like keith303 said, your tune sounds like a reminder of the mid 90s Surgeon and Jeff Mills stuff. And the instruments you’re using are great. Would love to know what instruments you use, I’m interested especially in a bassdrum like the one you’re using. It has this classic “rumble” like in this track:

Lovin’ it! :+1:
I don’t know what kind of music you did before, but this is cool. Keep it up!

i wish i had. i got some sequences and live performance jams that turned out quite nice already, but of course not free of error and never recorded. i still have to overcome my lazyness in order to give it a full arrange in MPCs song mode, which is a bit cumbersome to use if you’re spoiled with renoise’s pattern matrix.
whenever i’ll come up with something presentable i’ll drop you a note :slight_smile:

give this a try then. totally different style, but quality remains quality no matter the genre.
btw: lethargik = takao = doris&boris :slight_smile: (however the latter alter ego might involve another female artist we do not know about?) :wink:


Much appreciated mate :slight_smile:

And yeah send through tunes when you’re happy with them!