Dos Computer Dorks, I Need Help

Hey, I’m looking for an old laptop computer around the 300-400MHZ range that can run DOS natively and has a 16bit soundcard with OPL3 on it. It’s really hard tracking down the soundcard information for these old computers, so I’m hoping people that have had such devices can point me to a model that for sure has this stuff on it.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Not sure, but I would think that anything marked as “Sound Blaster 2.0 compatible” would have OPL3.

My friend Carl is the man to ask all things DOS, especially OPL3.

If you’ve got AIM, his username is OPL3geek.

k1d_w01fman, chances are I’ll be listening to OxygenStar all day today (and very likely tomorrow as well)! :) Awesome stuff, thanks for mentioning him.

Ever tried the OPL emulation in DosBox?
It does quite a good job!
I have an old Toshiba 410CDT laying around somewhere on my attic, but i doubt the soundcard on it included an Opl3 chip…
Also i thought the OPL3 chips were already pretty much out of fashion above the 233Mhz CPU ranges…

I have a real OPL3 chipset running on a Toshiba Techra 520CDT. It’s not the OPL3 that’s the issue really. I just don’t want a whole bunch of laptops floating around my place with each one doing different stuff. It has a Sounblaster Pro chipset on the motherboard which isn’t 16 bit so AXS refuses to run. I have a dock I could interface the laptop with that has ISA slots that I could put an SB16 or AWE on and be fine to run that stuff, but it’s far from portable and I may as well have a desktop with that gargantuan dock.

I emailed Oxygenstar, so hopefully he replies back and doesn’t throw my mail away as spam or something. :) I looked at his setup and he has what appears to be about 4 or 5 laptops with OPL3’s on them…maybe one of them is a model that’s close to the specs I’m looking for and he can give me the name of the model. I’m actually kind of envious of his Amiga. Did Amiga ever come out with any lappy’s?

Whatever was portable usually had the “SX” prefix in the model name.
Most attempts to create a portable Amiga were not made by Commodore though.

Commodore did released the portable (sx) edition of the Commodore 64.