Double Bass Kick Drum Sound

Double Bass Kick Drum Sound - How do I do it?

Delay Command? R command?

What is a double bass kick drum sound? Double bass is an instrument to make bass lines. A kick drum is a drum.

It’s all about the Violin Bongo Shaker imho.

Double kick as in modelling two feet of a drummer? Yeah, retrigger command should work, check out the wiki cause Rxy is one of the more diverse effect commands. Delay doesn’t retrigger, it just changes the offset of a note relative to a line.

Doublebass or double bass drum is a legit name for techniques involving a drum kit with two bassdrums, and one pedal for each. A double bass is also a bass “violin” of course.

You could see different approaches to this. I don’t know what effect you want? The retrigger would rather allow fast rehitting of a sole bassdrum, each hit would cut off the last one as in reality. With a double bassdrum both drums can swing at the same time, leading to the typical rumbling tachycardia-triggering sub action in some metal styles. If it’s for very fast alternating hits, you could for example map the bassdrum of a drumkit not only to one key, but onto two of them, disabling the key->pitch mode. This way you’d have two keys to trigger the bassdrum without cutting off each other, and could even thudder through on 2 keys of your midi keyboard. To sequence fast combos, well use higher lpb or two note collumns/tracks with delay commands. To get the sound of kicking both bassdrums at the same time, you’ll need 2 different samples sounding at the same time, obviously, or you’ll have unwanted effects like double amplitude of a single hit if kicked at the same time, or comb filtering if kicked with a very small delay. Many midi drumkits sport the bassdrum on the C, and another one (different, usually lower in pitch) the B right below, allowing fast double bassdrum techniques played with fingers on the keybed.