Double Clicking In Lfo Custom Envelope

I’m a bit confused why I’ve got to double click in the custom envelope of the LFO Device to insert points…
Also no direct access to the draw tool anymore by just right clicking, it brings up the box for copying/flipping/etc and the choice to use the draw tool.

Slows down workflow in my eyes. Why?

seems like the behavior for drawing in stuff is global, I don’t like it either.

yep , bring it back please
As it is right now , one click is selecting , I think it’s better we change it back to the old behaviour ,and one click in the upper header of the automation ( or lfo device) changes to selection ( as it already does ) , so no need to introduce different key combinations or double clicking .
so one click selection in upper header for selecting areas , one click in field, insert points

Sorry to put it like this, but this is seriously starting piss me off.

Even new users will see this as odd imo.

custom lfo envelope drawing could also get the middle mouse click to insert point right away compromise?
( [Done 2.7 B5] Automation Evelope: Double Vs Single Click To Create Poi )

err, you might want to punch me but i quite like i the way it is in b2, i record most of my automation via midi and usually just want to tidy up the points, but I see no reason why the middle mouse button shouldnt automaticaly draw, we might as well use all the buttons we can right?

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This will probably get the same answer as on double clicking for envelopes in the automation lane:

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