Double or half clip length

Hi, I can’t find a way to double or half the length of a group of note, for eg:
1 C4
2 E4
4 G4
must become:
1 C4
3 E4
7 G4
Thanks very much

If dBlue wants to “expand” his tool to apply his routines to a selection rather than to a complete pattern, you could use this tool (or somebody could abuse the content):

If you don’t mind fixing the correct pattern length yourself you can use the native “Expand” feature in the Advanced Edit box (to the right of Pattern Editor, long shaped button at the top). the Shrink button does exactly the opposite, risking losing note data some times.
For selections you’ve also got simply right click -> Selection -> Expand it appears you don’t.

Perfect, thanks very much!

shift F8/F9 works well, too