Double Theme Support

First for AM, second for PM. And option to morph between them during the day B)

lol, Renoise is entering near perfection when theme related or moar template song choice - kind of feature requests pop up :) . Have seen this one before, plus the ability to automate or script the theme parameters. Would unlock disco mode, but seriously…why not? +1

the idea is so ridiculous its nice again. i wouldn’t want this in Renoise, i do however use a small piece of software (windows) called F.lux that does this kinda thing for your brightness/color. pretty nice.

If we had access to theme API it would be cool.


I might get off my ass and learn some Lua if this was possible!

Oh yes. I have big ideas on this front!

you could even have the theme change synced to the song playing, probably!


@Conner_Bw: hahahaha what the fuck!

S P A C E P I G S !

HAHAHAHAHA I was thinking the same thing! Except with the addition of a cycling palette ;)

I have always wondered how it is possible to make 8-bit music without a cycling palette. :(

Parallax scrolling would be nice too ;)

I guess most people use F.lux for OSX or Windows or Linux already… Definitely recommended for anyone using a computer at any time of the day.
Check it out if you have not already.

parallax scrolling with the previous patterns running in lighter shades on the back would be awesome!! would add some depth to everybodies tunes :D

lol, much needed yeh :)

unemployed ?

unemployed ?

That F.lux tool is surprisingly effective at restoring the calmness to my nights in front of this machine. Great stuff.

Yar supposed to ask “Self-employed?” instead.

There are two officially unemployed men in Russia - me and my best friend Grisha. Just like Grisha I’m working in Renoise team absolutely for free.