Dough …

Haha, I guess this was asked a zillion times but did anybody dare to build in a phase switch for every track? I mean where is it? Such a great program and I have to use an external vst plugin just for the phase switch … :unsure:


Do you mean a phase shifter ? I’ve never heard of a phase switch


I mean a simple switch which reverses the phase of a track which equals a phase shift by 180°. It’s the most simple thing to implement into an audio appliucation (simply reverse the sign of your PCM data (if it’s zero based)) but it’s a life-saver in certain situations.


From your post it seems like you (would) use this a lot… in every song or so. Is it like that? Why, what does it do to you?

Sorry, but it just seems strange to me. I never used it(a 180 degree shift), and I don’t think most people use it very often either.

Did you see some other software with such a feature?

to name it, every other audio software I know has it by now. It’s just a basic tool of every audio engineer just like what the scredriver is to the workman or hammer and nail are to the carpenter.

I don’t use it too lot but yes often. It does eliminate phase problems between two or more tracks. I know this situation doesn’t apply to Renoise per se but you can’t close mic a drum kit if your console has no phase switch. That’s just one of so many applications of such an easy to implement feature.

And at last it would give any semi-pro user the feeling that the folks behind Renoise know their stuff.