Downsampling And Dithering

When rendering or converting samples more options are needed for downsampling and dithering. Both these functions can be performed with a range of methods, each having their own qualities and purposes. Currently Renoise just ‘does whatever it does’ and you’ve just got to accept what you’ve got at the end of it all.

What don’t I know here?

I remember you talking about this on #renoise irc. I know you really value knowing interpolation methods and quality.

I don’t have renoise registered so I haven’t been able to test out the renderer, but any feature that gives more control to the user would be great ;).

Or at least make a note about the specific procedure in the manual so a user can decide wether he wants to use Renoise’s built in functions or a 3rd party software… Tech specs = power!

must say I love the POW-R dithering in Logic… psychoacoustically optimized… haven’t got a clue how it works, but it seems to add/retain a fantastic realism in the top-end… would kill to get that in Renoise

i’d love to know how Emu/Akai samplers handle interpolation… genuinely interested in how it might differ from my basic understanding of bi-linear interpolation

Mark my words, you are going to register Renoise 1.9.1. As soon as you figure out what the registrants may play with during 2.0 beta time, you are going to register to share the fun.


there is nothing on the backstage…