Downtempo Breakbeat .. Out Of Loneliness

The song: A veeery simple setup here. Chords, bass, violin and stuff are all played with the midi keyboard, based on this simple melody, one take recording. I wanted to create a heavy and distorted beat. That is agressively present and filling up the chilled downtempo song.

… Out Of Loneliness

hey hey now,
no comments?

Sowwy :unsure: must have missed this one

its got a great flow to it, and I must say the chilled aspect mirrors my exact mood right now…
Well done, thats not something i normally get from music; its normally something I tune into rather than something that tunes into my headspace…if that makes any sense

I’m not sure I like the guitar thingie at about 1:20, sounds a little sharp in contrast to the rest of the sounds. undoubtedly a matter of taste though, I didnt notice it fading into the rest of the song so it obviously works from a technical perspective :)



thanks alex for replying to my bump and commenting on the song.

I needed some feedback and finally i’ve got some B)