Dr4 Instruments

Renewing my apologies to the forum for the misunderstandings, I make a proposal for the future, it’s just a proposal, feel free to ignore it.
Why rather than creating continuous discussions for each instrument we create, which will then get lost in the labyrinth of the forum (and those with slow brains like mine take a while to understand the situation) let’s not start creating a sort of "user topic "?
For example I’ll open Dr4 Instruments and post all my instruments here.
I think of people like @slujr who create a lot of things, but for months I only saw the ReGranulizer, only now I’m finding everything else, if something like Zensphere Instruments existed, everything would be easier to find.

Let’s move on to the instruments.

Analog Sine.xrni (30.4 KB)
Analog Triangle.xrni (31.8 KB)
Analog Saw.xrni (1.5 MB)
Analog Square.xrni (1.4 MB)

Befaco Sine.xrni (30.0 KB)
Befaco Triangle.xrni (32.6 KB)
Befaco Saw.xrni (1.5 MB)
Befaco Square.xrni (1.3 MB)
Befaco Even.xrni (1.3 MB)

Bleak Triangle.xrni (944.5 KB)
Bleak Saw.xrni (1.5 MB)
Bleak Square.xrni (1.0 MB)

Basal.xrni (30.1 KB)
Basal Mod1.xrni (49.2 KB)
Basal Mod2.xrni (31.1 KB)
Basal Mods.xrni (52.3 KB)

Vraids CSaw.xrni (1.4 MB)
Vraids Feed-FM.xrni (3.3 MB)
Vraids Morph.xrni (1.5 MB)
Vraids Pluck.xrni (3.1 MB)
Vraids Sqr-Sub.xrni (795.2 KB)
Vraids Toy.xrni (1.4 MB)
Vraids Vosim.xrni (986.7 KB)

RN-Kick.xrni (137.1 KB)
RN-Hi-Hat.xrni (134.8 KB)
RN-Snare.xrni (147.7 KB)
RN-Clap.xrni (147.5 KB)
RN-Cowbell.xrni (105.4 KB)

RNA-Kick.xrni (142.5 KB)
RNA-Snare.xrni (144.4 KB) (to be fixed)
RNA-Cowbell.xrni (15.5 KB)
(You may not feel any difference between the digital and analog Cowbell, I just tried it)

RNA-DruMachine_Beta.xrni (666.9 KB)

Taking inspiration from “303 Clone-ish” and making a few changes to my taste, I tried to recreate a “perfect” emulation that is not perfect, of the TB-303.

The Accent control is something of a strange thing, not having figured out how to replicate it really faithfully, I replicated it quite creatively. The Decay is simply replicated to my taste. The rest should be faithful enough. To use the instrument you need to download NA Black
Obviously nothing prevents you from using the native distortion, but you won’t get the same result (and nothing stops you from replacing the pedal with your favorite one, if you have it)

Furthermore, nothing stops you from making changes and sharing again, in fact, I would be rather curious to see where a instrument starts and where it ends up.

REA-303_Saw.xrni (22.0 KB)
REA-303_Square.xrni (23.7 KB)
REA-303_Triangle.xrni (13.3 KB) (experiment)

RNA-CatPad.xrni (154.7 KB)
RNA-CatPad2.xrni (154.8 KB)


Got something in the works for everyone :shushing_face:


The list is constantly updated, both with new additions and corrections.

I discovered the 0 crossing function (I always cut and loop manually) and that I have to pay attention to the intonation when I sample something or I find a lot of bad instruments.

If anyone had downloaded something, I’ve updated almost everything…
I’ll try to post only when I’m sure there are no errors.

The projects at the moment are:

  1. sample a few oscillators that interest me
  2. try to make everything more compact, find a way to select the waveforms with a knob (something similar to the Wavetable), or something like that, and be able to have, for example, only one Befaco instrument instead of five.
  3. …finally create the actual instruments