Drag And Drop From Sample Browser To Vst

I found one or two topics that mentioned this, but they didn’t seem ultimately all that helpful.

Basically, is it possible to drag a .wav (or whatever) file from Renoise’s internal disk browser to a VST that loads samples, e.g. Shortcircuit, Kontakt, Battery? I can do this when I load the very same VSTs in REAPER, so I’m sure the plugins are capable of it; and indeed, I can drag and drop from Windows explorer to plugins running in Renoise. I just can’t seem to drag files onto a VST instrument’s interface from Renoise’s browser. (Presumably they’d need to be file “locations” or references rather than actually loading the sample data, since the VST would handle the latter; but, anyway.)

No dragging from within the disk-browser is not possible.
The diskbrowser has limited area orientation when you drag samples or instruments to designated areas, but this is currently not yet supported for VST’s that allow this.

Hmm, drat. Okay, thanks.

Sorry for bumping this one but I think it’s better than open a new one with the same topic…

So this is not solved? I can not drag files from the browser to a plugin? In my case I use PaulXStretch and I can’t drag and drop files into it. Is this still not possible or am I missing something else?

Hey, what about a plugin in the form of a separate sample container that would allow drag and drop? Is this possible?