Drag And Drop Icons In Renoise Window?

Why renoise doesn’t support this feature? I can’t drag and drop compatible files of any extension (even .xrns) in renoise window when it’s open (I’m using Windows). Many pro software support this feature. It think it would be very handy.

It’s because Renoise is a DirectX application and not an application that uses the commdlg API (Common dialog interface).

Just look at it as a music tool in a game-engine. Which also does means that the hardware gets exploited in more ways than just audio.

Thanks for info vV, but although I don’t know much about programming, I think there are some programs which do not use the common dialog interface but support drag and dropping, or am I wrong?

I can see how this would be challenging, considering it’s a DirectDraw accelerated application and doesn’t function like a traditional Windows program. Well, I generally just save all of my .XRNS files in a central location and bookmark it in the Renoise browser.