Drag And Drop Samples Between Instruments

What I would like to do is to be able to drag and drop samples within instruments.

It would be incredibly useful when using Rendering a Selection to Sample.

Instead of having a bunch of different versions of a snare in separate instrument slots, I’d like to put them all into the same instrument.

The only way I can think to do this is render selection to sample, then export the song as a wave using only 1 hit of the one sound I want to create a wav file of. Go back to my desktop and drag the sample I created from the desktop to the instrument I would like to place it in.

It’s kind of a lengthy process so I figure there’s gotta be a quicker way to go about this.

Anybody know of one?


-Go to sample view for the sample you want in the source instrument
-select the whole sample
-copy to clipboard (ctrl-c)
-go to an empty slot in the destination instrument
-select the sample area and paste (ctrl-v)

Sample view!

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I did that before.
Much quicker. Thanks. I did that once or twice before.