Drag And Drop Samples Between Renoise And Vst Sampler

I currently use Kontakt 2 in Renoise and would like to sync their sample directories or at least be able to drag and drop between them. I render a lot in Renoise and it would greatly improve my workflow if I’d be able to drag my rendered loops from Renoise instrument or dir window to sampler. Is it possible or I should post this in Ideas/Suggestions database? Kontakt 2 with its time-stretch engine makes this fantastic piece of software whole.

Current Drag and Drop features for files in Renoise only cover file-reading but not file writing.
So this goes for exchanging files between host and plugins as well.

Does Kontakt allow Drag and Drop from Explorer?
A plugin has to support at least that to be able to support such feature at all.
Usually when the plugin is executed autonomously (using it’s own executable instead of using a host) these things work, when the library plugins are used in a host, a lot of functions no longer work, either because there is no way for the host to support it but otherwise just because the host does not implement plugin specific trickery.

The wish to add drag and drop from instrument-list to folder exists as well, if this feature is ever going to be implemented, maybe this idea could be taken along.