Drag And Drop Vstis Instruments In The Vsti List


In the Instruments Settings tab, section “VST Instruments Properties”, you’ll find the list of all your favourite virtual instruments.

Concerning my own list I’ve got a bunch of 677 free vst instruments (I’m a KVR site addicted user).

They are automatically grouped by author / company name.

When I tried to organise them with Renoise I had a kind of vertigo. :ph34r:

I’ve got Virtual analogue synthetisers, I’ve got classical, hybrid or modular synthetisers, virtual sound FX, emulators of ARP, Casio, Roland, Yamaha, sequencial circuits, I’ve got a bunch of virtual Bass, Brass, Drums, Epianos, Guitars, Flutes, loFi soundchip generators, old Mellotrons, Random or semi random music generators, nature sounds, organs, percussion bells, pianos, sample loop based VSTis, strings, theremines, voxes and woodwind instruments…

When I’ve created one or 2 nodes in the instruments list tree, I’d be happy to be able to drag and drop the selected Virtual Instruments in their right place only with my mouse. Instead of repetitively typing in the Rename/Move box “Virtual Analogue:Emulator:Roland”, I’d be happy if I could drag and drop for example, the Superwave P8 VSTi, and all the other Alpha Juno, Jx, Jx220 Krolar, mda jx10 Osiris Pulsar4 Ricko3A Tal Uno62 and Ts substance, directly where they need to be.

… and when it’s done withe the VSTi list view, could it be possible to use the same drag and drop code, for the VST effects list view too ? :drummer:

think its time you cleaned up your vst/i list :rolleyes:

i used to collect all i could get my hands on,but i didnt even used half of the stuff

so now i have cut it all down to what i use in all my tracks,and i have sold or deleted everything else

also a little tip,is to render out synth presets as samples,that way you can make librarys of all your favorite synth presets from the synths you haave but never use :walkman:

Yeah man !! I’m going to freeze all the good virtual instruments presets. Then I’ll create new instruments directories, with sub-directories, and put all the generated xrni inside :yeah:.
I’ll be able to check play and load the generated xrni directly in the disk browser ! But… But…

WTF ? :blink: I cannot drag and drop my future generated frozen virtual instruments from a node to another one inside the internal Renoise disk browser:(

Because for now, it doesn’t allow that kind of drag and drop, like the VSTi list viewer or the VST FX list view.

… so when the VSTis list view and the VST list view have drag’n droppable content through list view nodes, could it be possible to do use the same drag and drop code in the disk viewer (please?).